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Eyelash Extensions Bad for You??? Not the LOL Way!

24 days ago

I just had a Specialist contact me about how she should handle a situation when someone tells her individual eyelash extensions are bad for your natural lashes. Have you been asked the same thing in your professional career?? This is my answer: 

"It all depends on who is applying the individual eyelash extension -- if you have someone apply eyelash extension who has not been through a professional training and who doesn't isolate well then they can damage your natural lashes. But, if a professional (like a Lash Out Loud Specialist!) who has been trained properly and applies the lashes with care and concern then the natural lashes and growth cycle will not be damaged. In fact, I have had people say their natural lashes have grown healthier with extensions. 
The key is always ONE natural lashes to ONE extension. The reason being is your eyelashes grow all at different rates. You have a mixture of baby lashes, middle age lashes, and mature lashes- that are on the verge of falling out to make room for a new baby lash. When you have multiple natural eyelashes glued together when that mature lash sheds out- it tugs and pulls on all it’s neighbors that it is glued to- which can include baby and middle age lashes that are not ready to shed. When this happens it can feel itchy and sore on your lash line, and beyond that what is happening is damage.
You have been trained properly and if you continue to do what you are doing your Client's will be your proof in your professional career. Stay positive and let me know if I can help you with anything else!"

Tell us what you think! What would you say??
If you haven't trained yet, give me a call at 435.862.6876 (my direct!) I can set you up with a training date! 

Live Beautiful,

Beckie @ Lash Out Loud Individual Eyelash Extensions

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